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Take Your Interior Design To The Next Level November 19, 2019 16:26

Little Pillows make a great accent designed and made by B. BerishIf your looking for a great way to enhance your 
living space with some fun accents, we have
something you'll really like. Brand new from 
B. Berish, our custom hand-made accent pillows
are perfect for giving any living space, be it the living room, family room, man cave or she shed a bit of your own personality. READ MORE >>>

It's Nutcracker Time October 27, 2019 14:50

Nutcracker Enamel Pin and Matchbook Packaging

We have been very fortunate to have the Pennsylvania Ballet ask us to come up with gift ideas for their productions. This year, to feature the star of the show, we have designed a delightful nutcracker enamel pin.  Read More >>>

Creative Coffee September 9, 2019 22:14 1 Comment

B. Berish is always looking for new ways and new products to utilize our designs. For Just Jersey, with stores in Morristown and Montclair, NJ, plus a mobile store, we created a signature line of designed products that have been used on T shirts, tote bags, marble tile coasters and now on enamelware camping style cups. Read More >>>

Custom Packaging and Design For The Non Violence Project July 29, 2019 18:27

Custom designed products and packaging for the United Nations

As we have always said, designing a custom line of products is something we really love. So, when we were approached by the Hudson Group to create a line of products for the Non Violence project to be placed in the United Nations Gift Shop in New York City, we jumped at the chance. View More >>>

100th Anniversary, Corpse Flower and Fly, Oh My July 8, 2019 23:33

Our friends at the Huntington Library, Art Collection and Gardens have a lot of great things coming up this year. They are expecting the blooming of the rare tropical Corpse Flower and they will be celebrating their 100th anniversary. In order to create some great keepsakes, to commemorate such great milestones, they asked us here at B. Berish, to put together a collection of enamel pins to represent these exciting events. Read More >>>

Famous For Being Infamous March 11, 2019 17:09

The mystery of the Lizzie Borden murders still captivates us. We are very fortunate to have been asked to design a Lizzie Borden line for the Fall River Historical Society. Read More >>>

Here's The Maine Idea September 10, 2018 22:00

Custom Design Maine Themed Enamel Pins and Buttons

So this really kind of like our Maine thing. We really love it when one of our clients asks us to create something special for them. Little Village Gifts in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine asked us to come up with some Maine ideas, something that featured the state, but also spoke to their specific location in Maine.

We Design All Sorts of Ways July 9, 2018 14:49


Custom designed T Shirts by B. Berish

So at B. Berish we started out making jewelry that featured images under cabochons. But at the heart of it, we are designers. So when a customer has a need, we figure a design and then get it done.

When our good friends at Just Jersey in Morristown, NJ wanted to update their local town and state themed T shirts, they came to us. B. Berish handled everything, including our in house designing skills and our great range of knowledge in having things custom fabricated. These shirts are hand screened using eco-friendly water based inks, printed on super soft stylish fabric.

New Silver Pendant Settings Now Available June 5, 2018 15:14

We have a new contemporary silver pendant setting in our line. Now you can order any of our images in these great new simple, elegant silver plate settings. These setting have glass magnifying cabochons and come standard with an 18 inch chain. Other chain sizes are available, just ask.

Plus, don't forget, we will create a custom line just for you, in these settings too.

Happy Valley, State College, PA May 14, 2018 19:48 1 Comment

So what's the best way to show some school love? Why a B. Berish, custom designed hand screened pennant, of course.

But we don't stop there, we can design a pennant for just about anything. Celebrate your town, a famous local landmark, or a special big event. Our pennants are all American made, locally hand screened and of course designed by B. Berish in our own studio. 

Felt Pennants Add a Little Spirit April 10, 2018 10:24

Vintage Style Morristown Felt Pennant Custom Designed by B. Berish

Vintage style felt pennants make a great addition to your line. Here's how B. Berish helped one of their clients, by designing a pair of pennants to show off some local pride. Read More >>>

Constitutional Collaboration March 23, 2018 10:12

B.Berish Collaborates with the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA
With the National Constitution Center planning an upcoming exhibit on Alexander Hamilton, B. Berish was asked to design and create a grouping of keepsakes that spoke to the style of the period and history of the man. Read More >>>

We Made This...Merchandise Program For The Pennsylvania Ballet January 22, 2018 17:57

Custom Merchandising Program designed by B. Berish

When the Pennsylvania Ballet, needed creative merchandise to help enhance their souvenir and keepsake sales for their productions, B. Berish was there to help. Read More >>>

We Made This... A Custom Merchandise Program For "Just Jersey" January 6, 2018 15:09

Just Jersey, a Morristown, NJ based shop, which features exclusively New Jersey makers, asked us to custom design a merchandising program that features a variety of products such as hand screened T shirts, Vintage style felt pennants, enamel pins and charms along with our ever popular button cards. Read More About it >>>

We Made This... November 9, 2017 11:17

For The New York Tenement Museum

Custom Merchandising Program for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum by B. Berish

One of New York's most fascinating places, is the Lower East Tenement Museum. The museum is located at 97 Orchard Street on the corner of Delancey Street, offers tours of the actual apartments that were occupied by generations of immigrant working families that lived there. Since the building's construction in 1863, people from all nationalities came into New York and each apartment is faithfully restored to recreate the world of the actual people that lived there. Through the incredibly precise and informative guided tours, you can see and hear the residents actual stories.

In order to bring life to the words and artifacts, the Lower East Tenement Museum asked B. Berish to interpret the images that are most closely associated with New York City and immigrant life. 

Using the museum's own images we create a series of 30x40mm brooches, which enhance the imagery with magnifying glass cabochons. 

By using the the focal point of the museum's "Sweat Shop" tour, we created an enamel pin featuring the Pink Dress, which has a prominent place in the sewing room. B. Berish also custom designed the card the pin is mounted on, which has additional historic information on the back.

And then there are the popular 1" pin back buttons, that features Lower East Side favorites like Pretzels and Hot Dogs, a girl jumping rope and a little downtown yiddish. Not to forget you are in Manhattan, there is the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty.

Our experience with the great folks of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum continues to be an exciting and creative one, we always look forward to working with them.

B. Berish always love discussing new projects, so get in touch, maybe we can make something for you.


We Do Custom November 23, 2016 16:26

Custom Enamel Seltzer Bottle Pin on Custom Desgned Card For Raymond's Montclair, NJ

You know many people have often told us what we do is interesting, compelling, thought provoking and cool. But sometimes they want something that's just not in our regular catalog of settings and designs. Also, our customers like to have things they can offer that no one else has.

So when we get asked, the answer is yeah, we do custom. Just take a look here on the left. This is a sweet seltzer bottle pin on a custom designed card for Raymond's, that has restaurant locations in Montclair and Ridgewood, NJ (BTW, the breakfast burrito is one of our Saturday morning favs). If you know Raymond's you know the seltzer bottle is an iconic symbol of the place, so it only made sense for them to have their own exclusive, unique seltzer bottle.

Sugar Plum Fairy Pendant Necklace For The Pennsylvania Ballet by B. BerishThe Pennsylvania Ballet has had us create many custom things for them as well. Every year around holiday time they put on their famous production of George Balanchine's Nutcracker, on the right the Plum Fairy pendant we have produced for them, using an image of their own dancers in a scene from their production. In addition to the pendant, we have also created a line featuring earrings, bracelets and a custom designed button card.

U.S. Capital Visitors Center Large Necklace by B. BerishThis one is a project was  designed and created for the U.S. Capital Visitors Center, you know the place where all Senators and Congressmen/women do their thing. We were asked to take one of there iconic cherry blossoms and the Capital Building images, put it in one of our silver plated cast settings and design a package around it. On the left is a sample of the large pendant necklace on the custom designed card we made for them. We also made a small necklace, earrings and cuff links for them.

Oh yes, I could go on to show all of the other things we have designed and developed for retailers, museums, historical societies, businesses, wedding parties ans other functions, but then this would be a really long post. But if you need something custom designed in any of the things we normally make jewelry, cards, enamel pins and charms or even something you don't see like T-Shirts, hats or tea towels, let us know, we can do it. We love brainstorming so just call over.

Top Dogs October 30, 2016 17:23

Ace the Top Dog PugBasically, we like thinking up ideas and designing things. There’s not a day that goes by, that we don’t see or hear something, that creates a little spark of a concept. When a spark hits the proper kindling, it can start to smolder and after a while it turns in to a flame.                

Well, that’s kind of what happened with our Top Dogs collection. For a long time the idea was just some little embers sitting in the back of the fireplace, then came along our friend, Mario at Precious Accents, who finally helped blow a little oxygen over the embers, which ignited the flame. So now, we have a line of 100 top dog breeds available on his expansive website.
Bull Dogs, Labs, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Shih Tzu, Corgi, German Shepherds, and more they’re all there. Go see if you can find your best bud. If not, let us know maybe we’ll put one in the collection for you.

English Bulldog Silver Bangle Bracelet - Top Dogs bt B. Berish

Top Dogs - Black Labrador RetrieverTop Dogs - Silver Pug Bracelet

Welcome To B. Berish August 17, 2016 14:00

B. Bold, B. Yourself, B. Berish

With our new website we wanted you to know that Schmutzerland, Fauxhemian, Smash Caps and Charm Farm have always be made by B. Berish, now we're just letting you in on the secret.

Unique, intriguing, one of a kind and fun, these are all things that describe the work of B.Berish. With four branded lines, Schmutzerland, Fauxhemian, SmashCaps, and Charm Farm, plus a creative line of cards featuring wearable pin back buttons or magnets, all coming from the creative mind of designer Bonnie Berish, the company is entering a new era of service and innovation. By artfully portraying an extensive range of imagery in various settings and styles, one’s interest, feelings and imagination are realized through our expressive products.

In addition to our wide-ranging catalog of available imagery, B.Berish, has the ability to listen and make your ideas and needs into your own custom line. From vintage maps, to famous area landmarks, personalities or just about any concept that sparks your imagination, B.Berish can design and create a product that has it’s own voice and is totally unique to you. Custom packaging design is also available.

B.Berish is a family owned small business. All of our products are design and made in our studio in Nutley, NJ.

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