Welcome To B. Berish August 17, 2016 14:00

B. Bold, B. Yourself, B. Berish

With our new website we wanted you to know that Schmutzerland, Fauxhemian, Smash Caps and Charm Farm have always be made by B. Berish, now we're just letting you in on the secret.

Unique, intriguing, one of a kind and fun, these are all things that describe the work of B.Berish. With four branded lines, Schmutzerland, Fauxhemian, SmashCaps, and Charm Farm, plus a creative line of cards featuring wearable pin back buttons or magnets, all coming from the creative mind of designer Bonnie Berish, the company is entering a new era of service and innovation. By artfully portraying an extensive range of imagery in various settings and styles, one’s interest, feelings and imagination are realized through our expressive products.

In addition to our wide-ranging catalog of available imagery, B.Berish, has the ability to listen and make your ideas and needs into your own custom line. From vintage maps, to famous area landmarks, personalities or just about any concept that sparks your imagination, B.Berish can design and create a product that has it’s own voice and is totally unique to you. Custom packaging design is also available.

B.Berish is a family owned small business. All of our products are design and made in our studio in Nutley, NJ.