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cabochons by B. Berish

In 2008, as we were operating our core business Johnson OR Berish Creative, we came across an interesting concept, putting images under magnifying cabochons. We really liked the way it made things look. So we took some images of old engravings and started selling them at local craft fairs and online. We needed a name and through kind of a funny story, that we'll tell you when you meet us, the original name of the business became Schmutzerland.

Things took off after that, as we went out and did more shows, independent store owners asked if we would make things for their shops. All kinds of image ideas presented themselves to us. Our line of available settings increased from pendant necklaces to earrings, brooches, various sizes of rings to hair pins, cuff links and lapel pins.

Schmutzerland had a nice Victorian vintage look and feel, but some folks wanted something a little more contemporary with a more substantial feel, so we developed our Fauxhemian line that featured sterling silver plated cast settings with glass cabochons.

Then by a chance discovery, we found these great colored flattened bottle caps and our Smashcap line was formed. OK, so we're not finished yet. How about small images in small settings paired with charms and beads on bracelets and necklaces, pretty cool, huh? So now we have Charm Farm.

Then buttons cards and Yellow cards and recently a line of custom made enamel pins and charms. We just can't stop coming up with these great ideas.  So the name Schmutzerland was a little limiting. So now all of the collections and ideas are under the name of the founder and art director Bonnie Berish, we are B. Berish.

At our core, B. Berish is a design company. Right now our palette consists of desgning compelling image based jewelry, cards and enamel pins and charms. As you can see by our website we have a large catalog of things that you can buy right here. If you happen to be a retailer, a large institutional buyer or any type of group or organization, we have special wholesale and volume pricing for you.

B. Berish also custom designs exclusive designs for a variety of uses and projects from the pieces themselves to the packaging and displays.

Best of all we make everything right in our own studio, here in good ol' Nutley New Jersey.

We are a family operated business, so if you want to support American small business, take a look at what we make and order something. If you are a purchaser that would like something custom made for your business, institution, historical society, museum give us a call at 973.284.1240 for a free consultation( I always wanted to say that, it sounds so official). We're really friendly and love brainstorming ideas.


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