Custom Packaging and Design For The Non Violence Project July 29, 2019 18:27

Custom designed products and packaging for the United Nations

As we have always said, designing a custom line of products is something we really love. So, when we were approached by the Hudson Group to create a line of products for the Non Violence project to be placed in the United Nations Gift Shop in New York City, we jumped at the chance. 

Enamel Knotted Gun Logo Pin for the Non Violence Project

There was one strict ground rule, we couldn't use any single use plastic for the packaging. Normally, we'd use a clear cello envelop for our button and pin cards, but since that was not an option, we had to create a self contained package that could use recyclable materials. Now putting the custom designed knotted gun enamel pin on a card was not difficult. But how to package the buttons, in an attractive package, that contained either a single pin back button or a card with three 1" round magnets?

Three Magnet Card Design by B. BerishPartial Open 3 magnet card by B. Berishfully opened 3 magnet card with postcard by B. Berish

Enter the fully graphically designed match pack packaging. By using the idea of a vintage pack of matches, we realized it's the perfect vehicle to house our custom designed buttons and magnets. And here's the cool part, we added a perforation to the big 3 magnet pack, for a removable and mailable postcard.

Single button match pack packagingAn open single button match pack by B. Berish

Our single button match packs are fully custom designed in house and help get the Non Violence message across. The great thing about this whole packaging plan, is that we can design this package to handle an entire line of other small products, from jewelry to small charms and even cards. Contact us to find out how we can something for you.