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We Do Custom November 23, 2016 16:26

Custom Enamel Seltzer Bottle Pin on Custom Desgned Card For Raymond's Montclair, NJ

You know many people have often told us what we do is interesting, compelling, thought provoking and cool. But sometimes they want something that's just not in our regular catalog of settings and designs. Also, our customers like to have things they can offer that no one else has.

So when we get asked, the answer is yeah, we do custom. Just take a look here on the left. This is a sweet seltzer bottle pin on a custom designed card for Raymond's, that has restaurant locations in Montclair and Ridgewood, NJ (BTW, the breakfast burrito is one of our Saturday morning favs). If you know Raymond's you know the seltzer bottle is an iconic symbol of the place, so it only made sense for them to have their own exclusive, unique seltzer bottle.

Sugar Plum Fairy Pendant Necklace For The Pennsylvania Ballet by B. BerishThe Pennsylvania Ballet has had us create many custom things for them as well. Every year around holiday time they put on their famous production of George Balanchine's Nutcracker, on the right the Plum Fairy pendant we have produced for them, using an image of their own dancers in a scene from their production. In addition to the pendant, we have also created a line featuring earrings, bracelets and a custom designed button card.

U.S. Capital Visitors Center Large Necklace by B. BerishThis one is a project was  designed and created for the U.S. Capital Visitors Center, you know the place where all Senators and Congressmen/women do their thing. We were asked to take one of there iconic cherry blossoms and the Capital Building images, put it in one of our silver plated cast settings and design a package around it. On the left is a sample of the large pendant necklace on the custom designed card we made for them. We also made a small necklace, earrings and cuff links for them.

Oh yes, I could go on to show all of the other things we have designed and developed for retailers, museums, historical societies, businesses, wedding parties ans other functions, but then this would be a really long post. But if you need something custom designed in any of the things we normally make jewelry, cards, enamel pins and charms or even something you don't see like T-Shirts, hats or tea towels, let us know, we can do it. We love brainstorming so just call over.

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