Here's The Maine Idea September 10, 2018 22:00


Custom Design Maine Themed Enamel Pins and Buttons

So this really kind of like our Maine thing. We really love it when one of our clients asks us to create something special for them. Little Village Gifts in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine asked us to come up with some Maine ideas, something that featured the state, but also spoke to their specific location in Maine.

So every good shop needs to represent, so you've got to have the state pin. But Maine and lobster, forget about it, you need a lobster pin too. No regular lobster, but a Bar Harbor lobster claw pin, just for you. Plus a 1" pin back button doesn't hurt either (unless you put it on wrong), so you've got to have that too. So here we have the full lobster and yes, you need the moose.

Then of course you need the backing card designed to show the folks at home where you've been. Well we here at B. Berish have a secret stash of vintage maps, that you'd be hard pressed to find, even on the internets. This is a natural fit, it lets everybody know where Bar Harbor is and it looks great too, if we do say so ourselves.

If you think this might be a good idea for you, get in touch. We design everything in house and it's a lot more cost effective than you think. We love the brain storming part. We have our thinking caps on for you.