Constitutional Collaboration March 23, 2018 10:12

B.Berish Collaborates with the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA
With the National Constitution Center planning an upcoming exhibit on Alexander Hamilton, B. Berish was asked to design and create a grouping of keepsakes that spoke to a diverse audience and the history of the man.

In planning for the Hamilton Exhibit with the The Constitution Center, we wanted a versatile collection of keepsakes. In order to accomplish this, B. Berish designed and manufactured three pieces on custom designed backing cards, that helped portray Hamilton in a dignified light, which would be appealing to the attendees of the exhibit.

B. Berish used a classic Hamilton portrait, under a 16mm glass cabochon in gold plated setting, which was then made available as a pendant necklace or a charm bracelet. Then, in keeping with a style that is very popular with all ages, B. Berish created an original illustration of Hamilton to make a collectable enamel pin. 

Custom Designed Packaging for the Alexander Hamlton Exhibit
In addition to the enamel pin and jewelry, the custom designed backing card, that accompanies each product, gives added attention and significance the pieces. The card features a timely treatment of Alexander Hamilton's unique signature on the front and historical information on the back.

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Alexander Hamilton Necklaces by B. Berish, Ready For Shipmant