Vintage Social Media Cards

Were you around when you had to dial a phone or when typing a letter without digital assistance or electricity and then using snail mail? Did you ever take a picture that had to be sent out to be developed? Hey, that could take some time. This series revisits the way people communicated before the internets and instant digital communication. Guess what you can snail mail these cards to your friends too. Each card comes with three wareable one inch pin back buttons or three one inch magnets, with a postcard back for mail-ability and is packed in a clear resealable envelope. Available for wholesale only. Contact us at for more information or to order.

Typewriter Vintage Social Media Cards   Telephone Vintage Social Media Button Card   Camera Vintage Social Media Card

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Comic Explosion    Vintage Social Media    New York    Political   

Sea, Farm, Woods   
It's A Zoo Out There    United States   

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